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An Introduction to Dilldos: What Are They?

Adam & Eve 300x250Dilldos can be great fun if you find the perfect fit. Experiencing extreme pleasure from this type of sexual toy is something you will never forget, and it’s only recently that they have gained the recognition they deserve.

Back in the days before we really began to explore medicine and understand it, many women were diagnosed with a condition known as hysteria and the only known relief was a visit to the doctor who would manually stimulate the female to orgasm or as it was known back then, hysterical paroxysm. Although this didn’t cure patients the release of tension was seen to relieve the so-called symptoms which we’re thought to be many and varied. Actually, doctors blamed just about everything on hysteria back then, but the problem with this treatment was it was hard work on the fingers of the poor medics or nurses who administered it. Bogo 50% Off + Free Surprise Gift with code AFFMBH at Hustler Hollywood. Shop Now!

With the advent of electricity in the late 1800’s the electric dilldo was born in order to give these professionals digits a rest.

Adam & Eve 300x250In 1907, a water actuated dilldo was invented. 1912 saw the introduction of dilldoy dilator, an electric device that plugged into the wall and was used to treat frigidity and dilate the vaginas of women who were “too tight”. There were a number of battery operated dilldos introduced, inspired no doubt by the introduction in the early part of the century of cylindrically shaped flashlights. Of course, we live in a consumer society and it wasn’t long before these vibrating devices were found not only in medical catalogs but in women’s magazines where the makers proclaimed, they would rejuvenate failing women’s vigor and help them stay youthful. With the advent of psychotherapy in the early 20th century many doctors abandoned the use of dilldos as a treatment for hysteria, but their popularity surged as makers continued to promote them as cure alls for all known illnesses.

You name it and your good old massager would probably cure it, according to the advertising hype.

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Even though the dilldos usefulness as a massager was never recognized within any adverts it was common place knowledge.

By the 1920’s however the sexual climate was changing as more and more of the devices appeared in stag movies, it became increasingly difficult to ignore their ‘other’ use.

As the medical profession made inroads into human sexuality during this time, the massager ads that once were common place no longer graced the pages of the more respectable magazines.

The modern dilldo, though, can be traced to the invention of Jon Tavel, who in 1966 patented a cordless, battery operated, torpedo shaped vibrating plastic dildo with variable speed that was also moisture proof.

I’m sure for many of us, myself included this was my first memory of an actual dilldo.

Dilldos Today

Dilldos have certainly come a long way from those early days, but it’s worth noting that this is still very much an area often shrouded in mystery and technically dilldos are more often sold as novelty items which mean there is no real regulation’s governing them.

While there are some extremely good dilldos available today, there are also a fair percentage of shoddily made ones and these are generally the ones in the cheaper price range.

This is one area where the buyer really should be aware as you often have very little redress if something goes wrong with these toys.

A good general rule of thumb is to buy the best you can afford and from a reputable company.

Battery operated dilldos are the best-selling types of vibes on the market today, basically because they are generally smaller and therefore more portable than their electrical sisters.

Generally, though they are neither as durable or offer such intense vibrations as the electric types and often the quality is not as good.

The variety of colors, shapes and styles that the battery-operated vibes come in is mind boggling at best and at worst bewildering.

One thing to bear in mind when choosing a battery-operated vibe is that the bigger the battery type needed, generally the more intense the vibrations it will deliver.

There of course expectations to this rule and nowadays many of the smaller vibes are powered by watch batteries.

Let’s take a look at the various styles and types of battery operated dilldos that are available:

Slim line Dilldos

When people think of sex toys, they often pull up images of the slim line vibes. Ideal for beginners as they are often cheap but that in turn means they can be poorly made.

Many are made from hard plastic and the down side of this material is it can make the dilldo noisy as the batteries are apt to vibrate against the plastic casing.

They come in a huge variety of colors, but the style is always the same.

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Realistic Dilldos

As the name suggests these are made to look like the real thing. Some come complete with veins, ridges and testicles, while others vaguely resemble the real thing.

The better-quality ones are generally made of cyberskin, which has a remarkably realistic feel to it.

This is another area where you generally pay for what you get and the more expensive the dilldo the better the quality and the more realistic it is likely to be.

G-Spot Dilldos

G-Spot dilldos in general have a curved end, which is designed to stimulate the G-spot when it’s inserted into the vagina. G-spot dilldos come in all kinds of shapes, widths and materials, but many womn report that the harder the material the better the stimulation they receive.

These dilldos are designed to be used with the curve facing towards the stomach as you insert them and can make finding the g-spot easier, as this is almost impossible to do for a woman who is masturbating solo.

Multi-Purpose Dilldos

These are probably the most popular of all the battery vibes on the market today. As the name suggests they are designed to stimulate more than one area of the genitals at a time.

These toys originated in Japan, and the most famous one of its type is probably the Rabbit Pearl.

The infamous rabbit has over the years mutated into all manner of animals and there is a veritable zoo out there when it comes to this type of vibes.

One of the main things to be aware of if you decide to purchase a multipurpose vibe is that as always you generally pay for what you get. The higher the price, generally the better the quality.

Other thing to consider is whether you are looking for a separate controller or one that is built into the base of the base of the vibe itself, both types exist as well as ones that have variable speeds, multifunctions, etc.

Some of these vibes’ controls are fairly limited in what they can do, but again the higher the price range generally the more sophisticated the functions it can perform.

Some even have a shaft stuffed with either plastic or metal beads that pop and swirl at the user’s command making for a unique experience.

The main thing this type of vibe offers the user is a feeling of penetration and fullness internally, g-spot stimulation in some models and clitoral stimulation all at the same time.

Some women find all three at once too intense, which is why buying one with a control that separates each function can be a good idea.

Egg/Bullet Dilldos

Bullet and egg shaped dilldos have been around for ages and are still one of the most popular of all vibes brought today.

Egg vibes are generally constructed of hard plastic and then covered in soft vinyl or jelly, while bullets are generally made of plastic and have a metallic look hence the name.

They make idea beginners vibes as they are versatile enough to be used either against the clitoris or internally.

Although they are small in size, they pack a pretty good punch for their size it has to be said and make ideal traveling companions.

Nowadays there are as with all dilldos many different types of egg and bullet vibe, some are designed to simply vibrate, while others pulse. Another recent development is their use with dildos, a few manufactures have produced dildos that allow you to insert a bullet vibe into the base which with one flick of the switch turns the dildo into a vibrating pleasure ground of sensations.

Strap-On Dilldos

The term strap-on dilldos covers a multitude of dilldos, the most well-known probably being the Venus butterfly.

The basic premise is these provide hands free vibrations, as the dilldo, usually a small bullet or egg, is placed in a silicone or jelly sleeve which is then attached to an elastic harness which holds it snuggly against the clitoris and allows the wearer to control the intensity of the vibes via the controller which can be positioned on the waistband of a skirt for example.

Some of these dilldos even come with a small protruding nubb which sits inside the wearer and adds yet another sensation to the experience.

The main draw backs with this type of vibe is the harness although elastic may not hold the actual vibe against the clitoris and therefore not provide enough stimulation.

The advantages are they make for great couples’ toys as they can be worn during intercourse which can make for some interesting encounters.

Waterproof Dilldos

It used to be that only dildos we considered safe for water play but nowadays there is a veritable plethora of waterproof vibes on the market.

They come in a huge variety of colors, style and designs and many of the more popular vibes mentioned above and below are now produced in waterproof versions.

Be sure when you purchase a vibe for water play that it is labelled as waterproof.

happy dilldo

Mini Massagers

Probably the most famous of all the mini massagers is the Rocket Pocket and the Fukouko 9000.

This type of dilldo are much smaller than their electrical sisters and a lot more portable.

Generally, they are small and compact as the name suggests and are ideal for travelling with as they can easily fit into a purse or pocket.

There are now mini massagers that look like tubes of lipsticks and even pens which makes then desirable to anyone who doesn’t want to be seen carrying a dilldo.

Although small these gems can pack a pretty powerful vibration. Generally, they are designed only for external stimulation, although there are a few exceptions to that rule.

Remote Control Dilldos

For those who really want a hands-free experience or perhaps their partners to control their vibrations, the remote controlled dilldos that are available today offer a whole host of possibilities.

These eliminate the wires that so often give away the fact that an item is a vibe and often get in the way of pleasure.

With the remote control needed no wires, you can simply slip on the panties that contain the vibe and hand the remote to your partner.

The main drawback with this type of vibe is they can sometimes over heat if used for long periods of time.

My advice is making sure that you are in constant communication with your partner if you surrender your pleasure for them.


So as you can see there is likely something for everyone when it comes to the world of dilldos, and each day more styles, designs and materials hit the market as more and more women want to feel the good vibrations.

We realize that with so many choices actually deciding which type to buy can seem like an overwhelming task, which is why we asked Anne Semans, co-author of the Good Vibrations Guide To Sex and Sex Toy Tales, the best way to go about choosing a toy that is right for you.

Dilldos have come a long way from those early days, and if you walk into any store or visit one online the choice of styles, colors and designs can be overwhelming.

We’ve set out here the basic types of vibes and the different simulations they provide to make you shopping experience easier.

Electrical/Plug in Dilldos

Also known as Power Tools in this part of the world and not without good reason. When Michael Faraday invented the first electric motor back in 1831 it’s doubtful that this was how he envisaged it would be used and yet, today the electric massager/dilldos are amongst some of the most popular on the market.

Many people are familiar with this type of dilldo, as they are freely available in your local health store and your local pharmacy but are generally disguised as massagers. Generally, this type of dilldo is used purely for external stimulation but there are various attachments available.

This type of vibe makes an idea first toy, as they look nothing like most people’s vision of a sex toy and if you get bored of it you can always soothe the stress away from other parts of your body.

Okay so now we’ve covered the basics let’s take a slightly more detailed look at what is actually out there when it comes to the power tools range of goodies available today. Well you didn’t think it was going to be this easy, did you?

Coil Dilldos

No this really is a dilldo and not a hairdryer honest!!

Any similarity to a hairdryer ends with the looks. Unlike conventional electric dilldos they are not powered by an electric motor but as the name suggests as electromagnetic coil.

The coil means that when this type of vibe is running, they are virtually silent.

The main drawback with them is they have a tendency to become hot if you use them over a long period of time. Another advantage they have over their motor-powered counterparts is they are generally a lot less weighty and they also generally come with a host of attachments.

Coil Dilldos are also known for their speed, and intense vibrations.

Wand Dilldos
Perhaps the best known and most popular of all the electric dilldos family is the Hitachi Magic wand which has long been considered the queen of wand dilldos.

Wand dilldos have a long handle and a head at one end, with an electric cord at the other.

Unlike its sister the coil vibe, it has a motor so it makes a low humming sound.

The idea behind the large head is that this allows the vibrations to be spread out over a larger surface area.

Many women find the vibrations from this type of wand intense, sometimes too intense, especially when they are set at high speed.

The Hitachi as I said is probably the best known of this type of vibe, thanks in part to the Mother of Masturbation, Betty Dodson, who proclaimed that it was the only electric vibe that could be used continuously for longer than 30 minutes without overheating.

There are various attachments made for this type of vibe and one tip if you find the stimulation too intense is to either apply it over your panties or put a towel between your skin and the vibe itself.

Rechargeable/Cordless Wand Dilldos

Lots of wands now come in rechargeable/cordless versions, like the Acuvibe.

They offer the same power and intensity as their corded counterparts but are cordless and therefore more portable.

Swedish Massagers

Swedish Massagers are small, yet bulky massagers. Most have straps for attaching it to the top of your hand. This is a much older style dilldo.

Not many are made like this anymore.

The popular way to use it is to strap it to your hand and use your hand to pleasure yourself. The vibrations are transmitted through your hand, but your hand goes numb after only a few minutes.

It does allow you to keep skin to skin contact which is warmer and more sensual than a plastic toy.

Some men like to use it while stroking their penis, but it does numb your hand and gets quite heavy after a few minutes of use.


This looks like a Wand Dilldo with the long handle and head at the end, except the Eroscillator oscillates.

That means the head moves from side to side instead of moving up and down like a dilldo.

The oscillations are known to be gentler than vibrations. It comes with 4 attachments: It’s the only massager that is outwardly advertised as a sexual product. It’s recommended and endorsed by Dr. Ruth.


These are the main types of electric massagers/dilldos that are available today.

These types of massagers are generally more expensive than their battery-operated counterparts but generally they last much longer.

One major drawback is that you need electric to be able to use them, and some of the bulkier types do not make for good travel companions.