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Learn the Signs of Being in Love

Signs of being in love. Find out if you really are.

Do you know the signs of being in love?

For some people it’s easy to recognize them. Others wonder if these feelings are true or normal.

Falling in love is something very special. You start behaving different and wonder who is the person within yourself.

Your feelings might be like a roller coaster and your hormones driving you crazy.

Some of the signs are…

You can’t stop thinking about him/her. The world seems to stop, nothing else seems as important anymore.

You want to spend as much time as possible with him/her.

You love being around him/her and doing things together.

Everything reminds you of him/her: the clothes you wore on your last date, a song, a sentence.

You want to make him/her happy more than anything else. That’s why you show your best side, speak positively, praise him/her.

Life seems more beautiful than ever and you enjoy little things you didn’t before (from birds singing to a beautiful sunset).

You seek beautiful surroundings together.

You can’t help but telling everyone how great she/he is.

If you feel some or all these things… CONGRATULATIONS! YOU ARE IN LOVE

Falling in love signs are an indicator that you are developing deeper feelings towards someone.

Falling in love signs are feelings that might be soft and difficult to recognize for some or might shake others as an earthquake, making you experience something you never felt before.

Don’t be afraid of these feelings -they are normal- and channeled in an appropriate way, they can lead you to a fulfilling relationship.

At this point, feelings can be so strong that they might blind you from the rest of the world.

People with signs of being in love are often characterized for living in bliss, not having a perspective of reality.

Some people are more passionate, whereas others have more presence of mind.

A passionate person might feel overwhelmed by these feelings.

They might stop him/her from following the usual routine, making daily tasks, such as studying or working difficult.

If this is your case, you might temporally forget about other friends or family members only to think about the person you fell in love with.

You might only want to spend time around him/her, brushing aside other people who are important to you.

The mind-centered person will have an easier way, since they are able to analyze those feelings and control them in order to accomplish daily tasks.

They won’t forget other friends and family members on the way because they are able to balance heart and mind.

If you are a passionate person, don’t lose perspective on reality while you are in bliss.

It will help you avoid taking a rush decision.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy the bliss.

Falling in love is an awesome feeling, so enjoy it!

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Relationship rescue tips that will help you when you think there is no way out.

If you think every relationship works apart from yours, you’re wrong.

Fifteen years ago, I had this idea about the ideal relationship, no arguments, always enjoying each other, doing everything together.

It took me time and a lot of self-analyzing and analyzing my husband to realize there are many different kinds of ideal couples.

For some, it might be doing everything together, while for others, it might be saying things as they are, no matter how much they hurt.

One thing I’ve learnt, is that the only thing that can rescue your relationship is to find a common way out, to find your common ideal relationship.

This might take many conversations and even some arguments, but make sure that you always reconcile to each other before you go to bed.

Never go to bed angry at each other. I’m sure this rule has saved more than one marriage.

It’s important to pursue good communication skills in order to listen to each other and set common goals.

As you speak, analyze what is hurting your relationship. Try to speak objectively and avoid criticism.

Express your feelings and listen to his/hers.

Try to find a solution that suits you both.

Writing it down in a place you both look at often will help you remember it.


“Two people don’t fight if one of them doesn’t want to”


“Nothing is lost until you give up”

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10 steps to a smooth communication: The importance of communication skills

Understanding the importance of communication skills will improve your relationship 100-fold.

Communication is one of the most important sides in any relationship.

Mastering the techniques for effective communication is essential to improve your relationship.

Here are the 10 steps to a smooth communication:

#1. Choose the right moment: If you or your couple just came from work, are tired or stressed, the kids are around… wait for a better moment to speak.

Small talk can take place whenever but if you have to talk about a sensitive subject, you might want to tell your couple in advance and let her/him pick the moment.

Be careful not to sound very dramatic when you say, “we need to talk”.

This sentence scares men (since they usually don’t like to talk) and might cause them to reject any conversation.

#2. Choose the right environment: A quiet place that is neutral to both will be more inviting than a crowded or uncomfortable place.

The cozier the place, the better.

#3. Ask the right questions: Most of the time people come up with solutions to their problems when they hear themselves speak more than when they hear you speak.

Bring up the subject you want to talk about and ask what he/she thinks about it.

Asking the right questions, you will help the other person come up with solutions by him/herself.

#4. Listen carefully: Don’t start thinking what you’re going to say next. Instead of that try to understand what he/she means.

Take another step and be empathetic: try to understand how the person is feeling and what he/she is going through.

In order to be empathetic, it is important to get yourself out of the victim role, to stop feeling sorry for yourself and to focus on the other person’s feelings.

#5. Explain with your own words the other’s point of view to make sure that you understood.

#6. Express yourself: After being empathetic, you still need to express how you feel.

If you begin by saying what you’re happy about you will reinforce him/her positively.

Then go on by expressing what you need, what you’re unhappy about, or what you think needs to improve in your relationship.

#7. Use the right words: Don’t beat around the bush.

Use simple, easy to understand words for the person you’re speaking with.

#8. Use the right tone: It shouldn’t be aggressive or defeatist. A self-confident and understanding tone is the best choice.

#9. Avoid criticism: Criticism is one of the biggest barriers to effective communication.

#10. Pay attention to non-verbal communication.

Non-verbal communication folding your arms usually means you’re not interested and touching your nose can mean you’re lying.

Try to communicate openness and calm.

If you want to have a solid marriage, pre marriage counseling will help you set the right foundation.

Why pre marriage counseling?

You love your sweet heart and start thinking these feelings are getting very deep.

You wonder if marriage would be an option.

If you’re not sure about the best step to take you should read more about good reasons to get married.

If you are still doubtful, counseling can help you make up your mind when the big decision comes whether to get married or not, how to set a base for your marriage, etc.

Imagine for example you’ve noticed certain things in your relationship you defer.

Every person is different, comes from a different family, different surroundings and sometimes there are even cultural differences that might bring different points of view to your relationship.

This difference of criteria is good if you know how to get the best from it.

If you take advantage of your differences to enrich your marriage you will benefit from them.

If you use those differences as a point to argue they will kill your relationship.

A counselor can help you put those differences into the right perspective.

If you hesitate to visit a local counselor, you should consider online pre-marriage counseling.

We’re working on a counseling service online which will be available soon.

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