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How to Give the Best Head

How to Give the Best Head

Learn How to Give the Best Head

It may sound like rocket science but to learn how to give the best head is EASY if you’re armed with the right advice.

The important part is that you UN-learn the bad things you’re doing and see how to give the best head, when giving your guy a blow job.

Here are a few tips that will instantly make your blowjobs better.

  1. Shut your brain off

You’ll never learn how to give a blow job if you can’t turn your brain off when giving head.

Most of you girls are THINKING too much. “Oh, how do I look from up there?”, “What if I mess up?”, “Is he enjoying it?”

“Oh, Jack told me I should do that when I’m sucking his dick, crap!”, “Why didn’t he cum yet?” “Do I look silly from up there?” and other similar nonsense.

When you are IN your head during a blow job, he’ll SEE that on your face. He’ll feel that you are distant, somewhere else, NOT in the moment – enjoying yourself.

Focus on NOT thinking how next time you give your boyfriend the best head. It’s all about feelings, not thoughts.

Get yourself OUT of your brain. Do this and you’ll see your blow jobs instantly improve.

  1. Practice makes perfect

Really, just like with anything else, when it comes to learning how to give the best head – it’s all about practice.

You can never get enough of practicing. If your guy is normal, he won’t have ANYTHING against you practicing giving blow jobs on his dick.

You can even ask him “Hey, can I practice a bit ;)?” and make a kinky look.

Throw him in a chair, get him to relax and HAVE FUN. You must take PRESSURE off of yourself during a blow job – that’s the only way how to give the best head, by having FUN, instead of worrying yourself to death and stressing about it. It’s not a freaking JOB or a chore.

How do you practice giving head?

Every time try doing something NEW and a bit different – BUT, keep the basics the SAME.

You have to MASTER THE BASICS of blow jobs, and then add some stuff from time to time to spice up that blow job and to see how he reacts to some new stuff. What are the basics?

Moan. Try getting it in deeper, a bit deeper every time.

Stroke his dick properly, your hands can make MAGIC happen. Look him in the eyes. Pull your hair back so it doesn’t get in the way.

Set up a nice atmosphere, some music, white wine helps. The details can make a big difference in the quality of your blow job.

  1. And, of course, always, always swallow.

Or get him to cum on your face. Anybody that tells you that “it’s OK to spit” is lying to you when you learn to give the best head.

As soon as he runs into some chick that swallows ALL of his load and sucks every single drop of cum out of his dick, he’ll DUMP You. Men are animals and we think with our dicks. So, if you don’t cherish it, some other chick might and find out how to give the best head.

Okay, these where some basic tips on how to give your guy amazing head. They’ll get you some results.

Now, if you are SERIOUS about learning how to give mind-blowing, TRULY mind-blowing blow jobs to your guy, then it’s NOT enough just to practice.

You need the RIGHT kind of information that gets results.

And when I say results, I’m talking about him being ready to propose right then and there, his eyes POPPING out and him hitting the walls and pillows and almost fainting from how you give the best head.

Yes, your mouth has the power to change your sex life and relationship.

How to Give Some of the Best Head

There are basically two ways to give the best head: slow ones and quick ones. Why does this sound familiar to you, even though other “fellatio tips” sites don’t mention it? Because in a lot of ways, fellatio is like other sex acts, including vaginal intercourse. Sexually active people all know nice, slow lovemaking.

It’s sweet, it’s a deep experience, it’s a connection.

There’s also the highly overrated but sometimes just-hitting-the-right-spot quickie. It’s the same for how to give the best head. 

Sometimes it’s nice to have “quickie” head. Sometimes the slow “lovemaking” is good, too.

Before I continue, let me explain a couple of things. First of all, the “quickie” should not be overused. If you do this a lot, your guy may get the impression you’re more interested in getting him off quickly than really pleasing him.

That brings me to the second issue. Up until this point I’ve talked a lot about how to give the best head and not a lot about technique–this is intentional.

The one biggest mistake women (and a lot of these other websites) make is being too concerned with technique and not enough with context.

When giving “quickie” head, there are several things you should do. Do use your hand. Use lots of hand, no throat. 90% of the time, though (especially towards the end), your mouth should be on his penis, even if it’s just covering the tip.

Essentially, you should be thinking of it as a hand job (hence the use of the hand), but he should be thinking of it as a blowjob (hence the mouth almost always on him).

Be rapid in your movements and try to get him off as quickly as possible. 

Believe me, he will think this is a lot more special than just jerking off, even though it’s the same motions…the context makes it good.

There are several things to avoid with the “quickie,” as well.

These are true for any head you give. Avoid doing it as a favor, in order to get him to do something, in order to get him to give you something, in order to stop him from leaving, or to get him to stop concentrating on his work.

If he’s ignoring you, this is not the way for how to give the best head.

Think about it from his standpoint: “I have a lot of work to do. I’m trying to concentrate.

Why do I feel like she’s doing this only to distract me? She’s not really interested in pleasing me,” or, worse yet, “The best. I don’t even have to do anything for her. She just gives more head the more I ignore her.”

Don’t think it’s true? I’ve seen it happen many, many times.

The woman gives and gives and gives (not just how to give the best head, I’m talking everything in the relationship), thinking, “if I do enough for him, if I show him, I love him, he’ll change, he’ll love me back.” Nope. Jaded women will tell you; he’s just taking advantage of you.

If you’re still giving the best head when he’s not giving anything back, you’re not inspiring. You’re reinforcing his bad behavior. He will continue to get something for nothing.

How to Give The Best Long, Slow Head

There are two things you should keep in balance when learning how to give the best head.

You want to tease but you don’t want to be a tease.

Let me repeat that–you want to tease but you do not want to be a tease. Some women don’t know the difference, honestly.

Teasing means you want to arouse him as much as possible while also delaying his gratification as much as possible.

Being a tease means you want to get him as aroused as possible and then leave him to suffer (As a side note, though, the myth of “blue balls” is exactly that–you should never be a tease, but being left teased is not as tragic as most guys make it out to be).

So, the first thing you should do is reassure him in some way that you’re in it for the long haul, that you’re not going to start complaining in the middle of you giving the best head that your hand hurts or your jaw hurts or whatever.

You can tell him, “just relax. I’ll take care of everything,” or “you know I love the way you taste,” or “have you had a long day? I know what will make you feel better [Side note: he’d better do this for you, too… men aren’t the only ones who have “long days”].”

Whatever it is that makes him feel relaxed enough to enjoy it.

That said, let me dispel a myth here: how to give the best head should never have to take a long time. They can.

They can take a really long time.

If you’re not enthusiastic, not enthusiastic enough about learning how to give better blowjobs, or if your man is not relaxed. If he is not relaxed, he will never come, never.

And how would he not be relaxed if someone’s giving the best head?

Same reasons we’ve discussed before: he thinks you’re trying to distract him from something, or you want something from him. He thinks you’re doing it only out of obligation and you’re not really interested in pleasing him.

Or he thinks you’re doing this only to tease him and you’re not really interested in how to give the best head.

If he’s relaxed, it can be very quick. And any longer you make the the best head will be of your own design. 

For any doubters among you, ask your man how long it takes him to get off when he’s masturbating.

Anyone who says longer than five minutes is lying or way too into tantric sex. If he, boring right (or left) hand that he is, can get himself off in five minutes, how much more easily can a woman, enthusiastic enough, get him off, then?

And how many times have you had the unpleasant experience of premature ejaculation with him?

Another way to relax him to make it “long” and “slow” is to avoid his penis. That’s right. If you were doing a “quickie,” you’d just dive right in there, unzip his pants, and start sucking and jerking him off. That’s how to give the best head!

But if you’re in for the long (time-wise) haul, then stay away from the penis.

Tease him. 

As long as he’s assured, you’ll get around to it eventually, teasing is a the best feeling for him. It also the greatly reduces the amount of sucking and manual labor time you’ll have to devote to the blowjob (which, of course, isn’t really a problem, because you’re enthusiastic about it, right?).

So, light candles, strip him slowly, lick him all over (except the pubic area), stroke him lightly with your fingers or a feather, play soft music, do just about anything without touching his head.

After you’ve done this for a while (and the longer you do it the less time it will take for him to come, trust me), stroke his penis slowly with your hand (contrary to public belief, you do not need lubricant for this).

Keep stroking slowly in a steady motion is how to give the best head. Eventually, put one (or two, depending on what you feel comfortable doing) of his balls in your mouth and be very, very gentle with them. Just put them in your mouth.

Don’t suck on them or lick them. The warmth alone should stimulate him. Then slowly lick up his shaft. Now, at this point, you can do any number of things. Some women like to deep throat.

This does nothing for the man, unless he’s really obsessed with the movie deep throat. 

Some women like to flick the tips of their tongues all over the penis. This is okay for the beginning…this is teasing behavior.

You aren’t getting him off by doing the flicking thing. Your mouth need envelope merely the top of his awesome head. Use your hand to do the work. Three things are necessary at this point:

Knowing how to give the best head; if you don’t know how, ask him to masturbate for you and watch him carefully.

He will not refuse this request. Pay special attention to where and how tightly he grabs his shaft… this may differ as far as circumcised and uncircumcised guys go.

Being consistent. Do not suck really hard and for a long interval, then leave him hanging for some undetermined amount of time.

Be mathematical if you have to, suck twice and then jerk him off three times without your mouth; then repeat. Your mouth needs to be constant but not continuous.