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Here Are the Best Didlos Online!

One Touch Bullet Didlo

Well when it’s time to talk real didlo reviews, we certainly can’t forget our other favorites – the bullets.

These unique and powerful didlos are kind of an untapped gem. Lots of people have heard of them but less people have really tried them out and subsequently jumped on the bullet bandwagon.

We’re not sure if it just because of their size that people think that they are not that powerful – but we are here to provide a real didlo review and to tell you that when it comes to packing a punch, these little bullets can surprise even the biggest cynics.

There is nothing about these bullets that we don’t love.

Whether it is there size and discreet way that you really can take them just about anywhere and have a little fun at any time or whether it is because we know how great they work but regardless if you have never tried a bullet you just have to that is all there is to it.

There are hundreds of different kinds of bullets to choose from too. Some are larger, some are smaller, some are wireless, and some are wired.

They can have different functions, different speeds and can be made of a variety of different materials.

For this real didlo review, we have chosen, the Bullet 120Mm just because we absolutely love it and we know that you will too. Its low price makes it attractive right away, but its power is what really drives us wild with desire to play with this baby.

Don’t let the size fool you, it is super powerful and the 3 functions of two speeds and one pulse just sounds like heaven to us and we can’t wait to keep reviewing this baby again and again.

And because it is waterproof and super quiet just makes it higher on our favorites list as those are two qualities that we like in our vibes.

It’s affordable, fun, and delivers what it sets out to do and really when it comes right down to it, that is all we really want, isn’t it?

We want to know it works, that it works well and that by adding this bullet into our sex play we are going to love every minute, have loads of orgasms and just be darn happy we bought this little unit into the bedroom or bathroom to play with!

And what is better than that? 

rainbow didlos

Interactive Trio Bullet Didlo

If you are looking for a new and fun little sex toy, then look no further than a sweet little bullet didlo to bring you hours and hours of fun.

These toys can be used on just about anywhere on your body or your partner’s body.

You can get them in all sorts of different colors and shapes and styles depending on what you are looking for.

They can be shiny, smooth, ridged, or even embedded with crystals for a little extra flair.

You can use a bullet didlo behind your ears, your nipples, your neck, shoulders, elbows, belly buttons as well of course on all the erogenous zones – vaginal, clitoris, anus, penis, and testicles.

There is no end to the body parts that could really get a work out and feel great by rubbing a vibrating bullet all over.

Talk about stress relief at its finest – imagine a little fiery bullet taking all that stress away for once and for all!

Well you don’t have to just imagine what that would feel like – you can order your own best bullet didlo right now and look forward to hours and hours of fun playtime that can lead to all sorts of amazing sexual pleasures followed by a great night sleep!

Many bullet didlos come with variable speed settings so that you can easily adjust the levels of intensity depending on your moods.

And many of the bullets are super quiet so discretionary pleasure is going to be available anytime, no matter who is at home!

The only really caution with a bullet is that you want to be carefully when you want to use it internally.

There are way too many visits to the emergency wards of the hospital than anyone wants to think about when they slide in too far and can’t be removed.

And you always to make sure you clean your toys after every time you use them especially if anal play has been part of the fun. You should keep the batteries out and just insert them when it is time to turn it on.

The other great thing about bullet didlos is that they are so small and love to travel, so when you planning your next trip make sure you pack one or even a few of them – they don’t take up much space and can sure make long, boring trips a lot more fun!

So, when it comes to top picks, we just have to put the Interactive Trio Pink right at the top of our list for amazing sex toys.

This amazing ‘three’ powerful set of vibrating bullets really triples the fun all around. Why just have one bullet when you can really rev things up with three!

They are connected by a single controller which allows you to set the speed for a single bullet. a slider switch on the controller will allow you to set the speed for one bullet, then the other two vibrate with the right switch setting.

This baby is like three sexy toys for the price of one, so why not give it a try now and you can tell us how much fun it really was!

purple didlo

Crystal Chic Wand Review

When it comes to bullet didlos there are as many to choose from as you can possibly imagine.

There are little ones, larger ones, smooth ones, textured ones, longer ones and short ones.

There are enough choices out there that you are sure to find one or two that will be exactly what you are looking for to spice up your play time.

When it comes to wands, there are many different varieties as well.

Finding one that is waterproof is always a bonus because that means you can play with it in all sorts of different places and don’t have to worry about what happens when it gets wet.

Wands can be bendable as well which is also a nice option.

And when you find one that just seems to fit nicely, using a wand can be an amazing alternative to just a regular didlo.

You can use it for all sorts of different play such as anal, both for women and men.

A wand can also have a series of balls that all move independently with vibrations and there is no end to the different body parts that can be massaged and stimulated using one of these babies.

You certainly don’t have to use one of these toys just in the genitalia area, you can use them all over your bodies to play and tease each other.

And if you get a bullet didlo that is bendy, you can insert it into the vagina and use it to tickle and stimulate the ‘g’ spot and send your woman right over the edge in no time flat!

As you can see these amazing little wands can be a lot of fun.

So, when it comes to wands, our particular bullet sex toy favorite is the Crystal Chic Wand which comes in black and pink.

Its mid-price range means that this little toy is really affordable and of course, it’s waterproof which also gets bonus points with us.

It has a satiny smooth finish and it is also adorned with some pretty sweet little crystals to make is shine and shimmer.

Its bendable shaft means it is really raring to get at that ‘g’ spot and the 3 speeds means that things can really get revved up.

It can run on high speed for a total of 6 hours and on medium speed you can play for 9 hours and low speed means you will have 12.5 hours of fun before it needs a recharge.

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Bullet Didlo Review

Let’s talk bullets and eggs for just a minute here.

These little, unassuming sex toys really don’t get the same amount of press as their bigger rivals such as the rabbit vibe.

But they really know their stuff and really deliver what they promise.

They are usually run off little wires with control boxes where the speeds and functions are located.

The cool thing about that is you can insert it and sit back and be totally in charge of the amount of stimulation and vibration this baby puts out!

Just imagine all the fun you can have driving your partner wild!

When you are looking at the best bullet didlos, there are a few things that you want to keep in mind before you start to invest in these kinds of sex toys including:

The difference between bullets and eggs – Bullets are bullet shaped, thin and easily inserted internally. Whereby eggs are thicker and rounder and look like real eggs.

Sometimes eggs or bullets have more than one so that you could use one internally in the vagina for instance and one externally, or anally.

You can easily switch things up to keep it exciting.

You can have a bullet or egg with single or dual controls so you can set them at different speeds and levels on intensity.

The toys might come with wires attached to a control box or they might come with a wireless, remote control for even more fun.

If you use a condom when you are inserting one of these babies internally, then it is easier to remove and less likely to get ‘stuck.’

So, when it comes time to start looking through the hundreds of best bullet didlos to purchase then we can only say one thing.

And that is that the 80mm Bullet is really at the top of our list when it comes to little vibes that pack a big punch!

This unit is very deceiving when you first look at it.

And its very reasonable price might also get you questioning its ability.

But don’t take our word for it, order one and find out for yourself. You will be amazingly surprised at its fire and incredible vivaciousness.

It’s completely waterproof and will go exactly where you tell it to go and deliver exactly what you want it to each and every time.

You won’t be disappointed!